Many urban legends or wives’ tales about slot machines have been created because everyone wants to be lucky. This is the most popular.

1) The machine is due for payment! FALSE! This myth is based on an outdated view of probability. The random number generator is what powers all video slot machines. It determines the position of the reels. Each spin is unique. There is as good a chance that you will hit a huge jackpot if the machine does not payout for at least 10 minutes.

It is important to remember that probabilities are still random. A slot might pay out 95% of the money you put in, but that’s an average over a long period. It is part of the normal cycle that a slot machine will pay out more than it has. This is why a slot machine wouldn’t be considered a gamble.

The machines generate random numbers regardless of whether they are being used.

Thinking about hot machines is the same thing that happens at the casino’s roulette wheel. Casino operators will record all the numbers that are drawn, whether they’re online or live. There will be frequent numbers and those that are overdue. The wheel is just like a slot machine, it has no memories, so the chances of your number/the huge jackpot being drawn are the same as ever.

Do not waste time looking for hot machines – just get in and play!