It’s time to get on your horse and ride away, pardner. Let’s ignore the apostrophe and pretend that cowboys are the ones who make the rules. With its three reels, this brand-new slot machine looks like it’s from the American Old West.

Microgaming created this game to be appealing to everyone without compromising the classic feel. This is precisely what they were trying to achieve. Here are some reasons why we think Magnificent 7’s will be worth any player’s attention and time in the coming weeks.

Saddle up…

Magnificent 7’s a three-reel slot machine that has a Western theme. The transparent reels allow you to see the beautiful background of mountains, cacti, and bleached animal bones ravaged by the desert. The symbols in this game are all red or blue sevens except for the blue diamonds and the bronze, silver, and gold sheriff badges. These are your tickets to the bonus features.

Get ready to ride.

The bets on this three-reel machine can range from 0.10 to 10.00, and only one payline is available. The top prize is 6,000 coins. This equates to $/PS/EUR60,000. As mentioned, the game offers three types of 7s and bonus-linked sheriff’s star symbols in bronze, gold, and silver. The three 7s are different and can be used to earn money in the game if they appear on an active payline.

  • You can win 200x your stake if you get three red 7s.
  • You can get 10x your stake if you bet on three blue 7.
  • Double your stake if you get a combination of 7s in red and blue.

Stars are the most critical piece of the puzzle. The stars are the key to unlocking the bonus game ‘Win Spin. Different stars have different multipliers. The bronze game has the lowest multiplier, between 6x and 450x. Silver Star offers a better multiplier, between 22x to 550x. The gold star is the best option, offering between 52x to 6,000x what you bet. This allows you to maximize your bet.

Win with a nudge, hold, and win.

This game also allows players to hold and nudge, two features rarely seen in modern slot games. You can set these to automatically happen when you are guaranteed to win or manually handle them to save them for a more significant winning chance.

Nudges can be awarded at random. You can use a nudge to force the reels to move on to the next symbol. You can use this to force the missing 7 in place and thus win big. Also, holds are given randomly. Holding means you can keep one or two reels fixed to increase your chances of winning the next time you spin. If you land a 7 in a revolution, you can hold it while turning the other two.

Stars written in (golden) script.

The jackpot for Magnificent 7’s is not the largest in the world, but it is one of the most generous in a three-reel slot machine. You can win $/PS/EUR60,000 if you place the maximum bet and enter the Mega Streak bonus spin round (the prize awarded for three Gold Stars).

Hand on the Draw

The bonus games the Sheriff’s Stars unlocked will be the most popular. You can enter the bonus contest by landing three stars in the middle of the reel. The stars unlock bonus games with different multipliers. The multiplier is accompanied by a random number of free spins, which allows players to win more prizes with just a click.

Riding the Magnificent 7777

Magnificent 7’s an enjoyable and straightforward online slot game. It combines a classic three-reel slot with modern bonus features that players love. Microgaming is no stranger to mixing old and new slot game elements into one seamless package. Magnificent 7’s is no exception.

Major Millions Slot Machine

Significant Millions is, without a doubt, a big name in the world of video slot machines and their fans (like you!). This is one of your oldest and most simple slots.

Microgaming was an unknown developer when Major Millions first appeared online in 2000. This slot was the break the company desperately needed. Major Millions appealed to the sense of simplicity that many online gamers craved in a rapidly developing gaming industry. Microgaming has used the same strategy to promote and develop other games while Major Millions continues to rock the gaming world.

The progressive jackpot format is trendy in English-speaking markets like Canada and Australia.

Before you join the parade, here are a few things you should know about Major Millions:

What is it?

Major Millions is an online video slot with 15 paylines and five reels. Although five reels have become a standard feature, it is unusual to see a video slot with 15 paylines. Usually, games have 10, 20, 25, or 50 paylines. Slot players don’t have to worry about the number of paylines. Fifteen are enough to create many winning combinations.

We are happy to inform our readers that Major Millions, unlike many Microgaming slot machines, is a progressive slot. The bounty grows as other players continue to play and miss the jackpot. Microgaming, in a move that can only be called a genius (and is a pleasant distraction for slot fans), has combined ALL of the video slots it partners with for Major Millions. The result has been many windfalls, including a European gamer who won $1.8 million.

Major Millions’ average winnings are estimated at around half a mil dollars, with the “once in a blue moon” event occurring – on average – about every three months. The jackpot had already reached $300,000 as of the publication date of this article. Microgaming’s New Year bonuses were given to lucky players.

What’s Not Hot

Major Millions do not entertain, and we have no other way to express that. The game has a military theme, and it’s a good one, but you won’t be entertained unless you land on the winning side of the reel.

Despite being around for a long time, the game has yet to adapt to the changing times. This may have been done on purpose. That’s the sole reason you are bound to get that sinking feeling of being transported back to the brand-new-dial-up-modem days of yore.

How to Measure the Reels of Moolah

There’s not much to say about the reels. Five reels are found in all video slots. Major Millions of reels are unpredictable in that they can spin at different speeds. Although it may seem strange sometimes, your chances of winning are not affected.

The symbols are chauvinistic and gallant and conform to the (relatively uncooked) theme of the military – fighters jets, submersibles, and tanks.

There are two scatter symbols: the Major Millions logo and an explosion graphic. This will add some excitement to this battle. Although their functions are predictable (wild lets you swap symbols, while scatter unlocks bonus rounds with multipliers), knowing that this slot has the potential to make you an instant millionaire can be a thrilling experience!

The Word

EXCITING. Significant Millions is exciting. Major Millions is not about Lego soldiers or childish graphics. It’s all about its generosity. In this high-limit game, you can win up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a maximum wager of $150.